Making the Most of Your Fire Pit in Winter

Winter. Whether you love or hate the cold, it can make you feel like you can’t do as much. In the summer, it seems like you can escape to hiking trails, city parks, or, best of all, your own garden at any time. In the winter, however, the great outdoors can seem out of reach. […]

Buying a Concrete Fire Bowl

Fire pits are a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor living space, whether that’s a patio, deck, or backyard. A fire pit can serve as the main point of an outdoor gathering, the setting for quiet reflection, and an additional source of heat in the chillier months. Here are five things to keep in […]

Fire Feature Planning for Your Backyard 


In recent years, home owners have become more interested in putting a fire feature in their backyards as part of their landscaping plans. In addition to giving a property a classy look, fire feature focal points are also beautiful places where friends and family can gather to spend summer nights.  Creating a pleasing fire feature […]

5 Ways to Create a Focal Point with Handcrafted Fire Tables 

Handcrafted Fire Tables

Handcrafted fire tables have become increasingly popular in landscape design due to their ability to create a stunning focal point while providing warmth and ambiance to outdoor spaces.   A well-designed landscape requires a focal point that draws attention and adds character to the outdoor space. Handcrafted fire tables accomplish this beautifully, combining functionality with exceptional […]

Stunning Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard Oasis 

Fire Pit Landscaping

Many people these days are looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Some of them have a great space or corner outside their home to create an oasis. A space where they can maximize nature’s beauty. If you have the luxury of outdoor space, enhance your space by adding your favorite firepit to the great outdoors.   A […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Outside Living Space with a Fire Table

Fire Table - castincrete

You want to spend more time outside, but you don’t know where to start. Most people see their outdoor living space as an extension of their inner living area but don’t know how to maximize it.  Your outdoor living space can look and feel different with a fire table that fits your style. Fire tables […]

Why you want a Hand Crafted Fire Feature

Summit fire pit

Making a fire table is a unique process that you customize to the needs and preferences of each client. To begin the process, we make a mold based on the dimensions and design that the client provides. We create this mold using materials like fiberglass, wood, foam, and silicone rubber to shape the final product […]