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About CastinCrete Designs

We mold concrete into handcrafted one-of-a-kind works of art. CastinCrete Designs has nearly two decades of experience working with hand-crafted, decorative concrete. Using our hands, hearts, heads and pretty much anything else we can get our hands on, we create timeless handcrafted concrete fire tables that will bring beauty and intrigue to your outdoor living spaces for years to come.

The Mold

Each fire feature we create starts with a hand-made mold. We’ve been known to use fiberglass, wood, metal, rubber and fabric.


We get our hands more than a little dirty pouring, coloring, casting, forming and smoothing the wet concrete into the mold.


We remove the mold and diamond-polish the concrete to a smooth finish, removing imperfections and allowing the natural beauty and character of the concrete to shine.


Each piece is hand sealed, locking out the moisture and protecting it from the elements for years of outdoor use.

How It All Started

How it Started

When decorative concrete was just getting started and concrete counter tops were in their infancy, Dwight Ingalls became a representative for an international decorative concrete manufacturer. His creative and artistic background in custom painting show cars and motorcycles, along with a talent for working with fiberglass, melded perfectly into the decorative concrete arena. He soon began creating concrete counter tops and sinks and supply concrete sink molds to Crete Molds, a well-known brand in the concrete countertop industry. As the decorative concrete industry evolved, so did Dwight’s molds. He began designing fire bowls, fire tables and fire pits that were used by manufacturers all around the nation.

Then a few years ago, Dwight used his own mold to make a few fire bowl features for a local landscape design project. That sparked another custom fire table project and soon Dwight’s new path was lit, and CastinCrete Designs was born. Combining all his experience and natural creative talents into one, Dwight began molding concrete into handcrafted works of art.