Making a fire table is a unique process that you customize to the needs and preferences of each client. To begin the process, we make a mold based on the dimensions and design that the client provides. We create this mold using materials like fiberglass, wood, foam, and silicone rubber to shape the final product creatively. 

Once we complete the mold,  we cast GFRC composite concrete into the mold. This type of concrete is one which they have formulated to have a workability that is similar to potter’s clay. It is therefore easy to mold into thin, intricate shapes while maintaining strength and durability. We prepare the mix carefully to ensure that the concrete has the perfect balance of sturdiness and workability. 

After pouring the concrete, we leave the fire table to cure for several days. Proper curing is essential to ensure that the concrete sets and dries evenly without cracking or warping. We also regulate the temperature using heating blankets to ensure the proper curing process. 

After the concrete has cured, we remove the fire table from the mold and begin finishing. We usually use special diamond polishing pads to achieve a smooth and appealing surface. Finally, we apply a high-performance, all-weather sealer to protect the fire table from the elements and enhance its durability. 

We then assemble the fire table with a burner and fill it with decorative marble rock and colorful tempered fire glass. We thoroughly inspect and test it to ensure that it meets the client’s expectations before delivering it to its new home. 

Overall, making a fire table is a creative and intricate process that requires attention to detail and dedication to quality. The result is a beautiful, functional piece of furniture that will create exciting memories for friends and family. 

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