A smokeless fire bowl is an elegant way to create a warm and welcoming ambiance on your deck or patio. There are two basic types of smokeless fire bowls: those that burn some form of wood and those that use natural gas, propane, or a form of biofuel. This article does not consider anything that burns wood smokeless, even though some are advertised as such. 

There’s something nostalgic and magical about staring into flickering fire flames. Backyard fire pits conjure up images of family and friends gathered, or a romantic interlude with that special someone. Sitting around the fire, enjoying the warmth and crackling sounds. . . and then there is the lingering smell of smoke on your clothing or in your hair, having first to cut and split or purchase the wood and store it, waiting around for the fire to be completely extinguished, and then clean up and dispose of the ashes. 

Woodfires produce smoke and ash that are harmful to the environment and to people. Volumes of research from legions of medical professionals and scientists show just how harmful it is. Studies even report that exposure to wood smoke is more dangerous than secondhand cigarette smoke.  

That firepits are outdoors doesn’t mitigate the health effects of the wood smoke you breathe in. And it certainly doesn’t mitigate the effect wood burning has on air quality – yours or your neighbors. There are resources listed at the end of this article for further information. 

The Benefits of a Smokeless Fire Bowl 

What if you could have the ambiance of a wood-burning fire pit without the smelly smoke, heavy labor, or cleanup? All possible with a smokeless fire bowl. 

Hand-crafted concrete fire bowls offer the beauty and warmth of a wood fire without the inconvenience. No need to cut or purchase wood or to have it stacked on your deck or patio, where it has been known to become home to spiders and rodents! No need for ash buckets or sooty cleanup. 

Sculptural with clean lines, the designs complement any style. For example, the graceful lines of a Zen fire bowl work whether your aesthetic is traditional or contemporary.  

Clean-burning natural gas or propane can be connected to a constant fuel source or a propane tank can be used. Once hooked up, simply push the button to ignite the flame! No kindling. No matches. Just instant joy.  

The Truth About Wood Smoke Pollution 

Residential Wood Burning 

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