Winter. Whether you love or hate the cold, it can make you feel like you can’t do as much. In the summer, it seems like you can escape to hiking trails, city parks, or, best of all, your own garden at any time. In the winter, however, the great outdoors can seem out of reach. During the cold winter months, many of us want to curl up and stay warm.

And yet, there is so much beauty outside to enjoy, like the first snowfall, the crisp, clean air, and the clear night sky.

You can have the best of both worlds with a concrete fire pit. Enjoy the beauty of nature, but don’t get too cold.

Buying for the winter

A concrete fire pit is the only thing that is both beautiful and useful. As a stylish centerpiece in your outdoor space, it creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining while keeping you and your guests warm.

There are a lot of things to think about when buying concrete fire pits or backyard fireplaces. And if you want to use your buy all year long, it’s best to plan ahead. Ask your seller how long the product will last and if it can handle all kinds of weather.

Castin Crete makes its fire pits by hand in Wisconsin using only one type of concrete. Because Castin Crete only uses high-quality materials, your fire pit won’t rust, flake, peel, or need to be sealed. This means less work for you and a product that will keep its look for years to come. Castin Crete offers different warranties based on what you buy, and they guarantee that if you take care of your fire pit and keep it in good shape, it could last a lifetime.

So, when you buy something, look for something of good quality that can handle the worst of the cold. So, even when it’s cold, you can still enjoy the beauty of your fire pit.

Take care of your fire pit.

A little care will go a long way if you want to use your fire pit all year long. Your concrete fire pit will stay in good shape and avoid damage if you take care of it all year long.

Due to the good quality of the materials used, a Castin Crete concrete fire pit doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. Cleaning the inside and outside with light soap and water, making sure the burners are free of debris, and making sure the gas lines are clear are all good ideas.

If you want to use your fire pit in the winter, make sure it’s dry, free of snow, and free of any sticks or leaves that have piled up. You can use either natural gas or propane to light a gas flame in a Castin Crete concrete fire pit, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your woodpile dry all winter. But before you start, it’s a good idea to make sure your gas lines are in good shape.

Invest in Necessary Accessories

Investing in the proper accessories for your concrete fire pit is another excellent way to protect it from the elements and keep it in good condition. Here are the best winterization accessories you should consider for your fire pit:

Cover for Concrete Fire Pit: An excellent investment for protecting and preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your fire pit. You can purchase a Commercial Grade Weather Cover that is custom-designed and tailored to suit your Castin Crete concrete fire pit, protecting it from the elements when it is not in use.

Glass Wind Guard: A windy day should not prevent you from enjoying your fire pit. Castin Crete carries Glass Wind Guards that will keep your fire burning even when the weather is breezy. As expected, Castin Crete’s wind guards feature a clear and sleek design, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of your fire pit is maintained even on gusty days.

Propane Tank Cover: If your concrete fire pit uses a propane tank, Castin Crete sells propane tank covers in the same color variants as the fire pits — meaning you can discreetly store your tank nearby without sacrificing the sleek design of your fire pit.

Enjoy With Your Friends and Family

The winter months provide numerous opportunities for family and friend gatherings.

Whether it’s a holiday gathering, a new year’s celebration, or just an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, what could be more special than gathering around a crackling fire and taking a deep breath of fresh air this winter?

With a concrete fire pit, you can enjoy outdoor celebrations throughout the year, safe in the knowledge that your fire will keep you toasty.

Why not prioritize comfort in your outdoor space when it comes to gathering around your concrete fire pit during the harsher months? Here are some suggestions for making your event a success.

Before your guests arrive, ensure the pathways leading to and from your fire pit have been cleared of snow and ice. If your event is scheduled to last late into the evening, particularly during the darker winter months, you may want to consider lighting.

If you have stored away seat cushions, bring them out to create a comfortable, inviting space for your visitors. Just remember to store them away when everyone has gone home so they don’t get ruined by winter weather. Don’t neglect that additional blankets and throws can add to the coziness.

What could be better than a luxurious hot chocolate or a comforting hot toddy as a refreshment?

With a concrete fire pit, winter is no longer something to be endured; you can now enjoy your outdoor winter space in elegance.

Ready to Enjoy?

A concrete fire pit is an investment that you will want to enjoy throughout the year and for many years. It is, therefore important to select a high-quality concrete fire pit that can withstand frost and wind during the winter months.

From our Granada Series to our Summit Series fire pits, we guarantee a handcrafted product that can withstand the elements for many years. For additional details, please contact us at  

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