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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you could ever want to know and more about our custom, hand-cast concrete fire features. If you still have questions or want to talk to us about a fully custom order, give us a call at 262-501-9966 or email

What custom options are available?

Our fire tables are fully customizable in size and shape. They can be round, square, have unique curves, custom height as well as customized support counsels and bases. Burner size, opening and placement can also be customized, giving you a unique look, more table surface or greater output depending on your preference.

What are the benefits of concrete fire feature?

It’s a semi-permanent property fixture that could last hundreds of years, adding value to your property. It requires very little upkeep and offers a unique and artistic centerpiece. Additionally concrete withstands heat very well, remains cooler than other fire pit materials like steel.

What is the lead time?

Your fire pit will be made to order with an average shipping of 2-4 weeks depending on our current work load.

How will my fire pit be shipped?

Your fire pit will be inspected and securely crated. We’ve been shipping large fragile items for years and we like to think we have a pretty good understanding of our clients’ concerns. We will provide you with a pro number once your fire pit ships so you can track your curbside delivery. It is important to visually inspect and photograph the crate for anything that appears damaged or out of place prior to accepting the delivery and contact us immediately. We take great care to ensure all goes well but at the outside chance that something goes wrong we like to be prepared.

How do I care my fire pit/table?

Wipe up any spills immediately and keep the burner area free from any foreign debris. We apply several coats of all-weather sealer for protection so a good coat of paste wax (Trewax, Johnson’s, etc.) is going to give your fire pit that extra protection.

What are my burner ignition options?

Your fire table can be match lit, push-button or remote control.

What finishes are available?

Our fire tables are available in multiple finishes including Hand-Packed Natural Open Finish for random variations that highlight concrete’s unique character, Hand-Packed with Grouted Color Variation, and Smooth and Naturally Variated.

What are the benefits of a gas fire table/pit?

Using natural gas or liquid propane offers a smokeless fire. There will be no smoke smell or mess. You can position it closer to your home, directly on a deck or patio. There is no staining. You’ll never need to shop for or chop firewood. It turns on and off easily without any smoldering ashes or embers to worry about. There will never be any ashes to shovel or dispose of.

What is the approximate weight of a fire pit?

They range from 200-400 lbs. depending on which fire pit you purchase.

How do I set up my new fire pit?

Your liquid propane fire pit only involves connecting the gas line fitting to your liquid propane source. Natural gas fire pits will require a natural gas line to be installed by a certified professional. This is usually a new construction or remodel situation where a gas line has already been planned for.

How long will my fire pit last?

Concrete is a superior lifetime material that is specified in many demanding construction projects. Your new concrete fire pit should last through the life of your home. Concrete is exceptionally strong, but should it experience any damage, we can supply a repair kit.